Discover 5 Beautiful Gardens Near Alston

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Here are five beautiful gardens near Alston, each offering unique features and benefits. Make Salvin House your base as you explore these lovely gardens, ensuring a comfortable and convenient stay that enhances your visit to the area.

1. Langley Garden Station

Langley Garden Station, one of the beautiful gardens near Alston, featuring a variety of flowers and serene atmosphere.

Langley Garden Station offers a diverse array of plants and flowers, providing vibrant colors and a serene atmosphere perfect for a peaceful visit.

Langley Garden Station is a delightful garden located in the village of Langley. Known for its beautiful array of plants and serene atmosphere, it provides a perfect spot for a relaxing visit. The garden features a variety of flowers, shrubs, and trees, making it a lovely place for garden enthusiasts and casual visitors alike.

  • Enjoy a diverse array of plants and flowers, providing vibrant colors and variety throughout the year.
  • The serene atmosphere makes it perfect for a peaceful and relaxing visit.
  • Located in the picturesque village of Langley, it offers a quaint and charming setting for your garden visit.

2. Lowther Castle and Gardens

Gardens Near Alston - Lowther Castle and Gardens with a mix of formal and wild garden areas.

Lowther Castle and Gardens feature stunning landscapes amidst historic ruins, with a mix of formal and wild garden areas perfect for exploration.

Lowther Castle features stunning gardens set amidst the ruins of the historic castle. The gardens are a mix of formal layouts and wild areas, offering a variety of landscapes to explore, including a lost castle play area for children. The gardens are also home to numerous events and exhibitions throughout the year.

  • Explore different landscapes and garden styles in one location, with a mix of formal and wild garden areas.
  • The historical castle ruins add a sense of history and grandeur to your visit.
  • Family-friendly attractions, including a play area, make it a fun outing for visitors of all ages.

3. Mirehouse & Gardens, Keswick

 Gardens Near Alston - Mirehouse & Gardens in Keswick stretching to Bassenthwaite Lake.

Mirehouse & Gardens in Keswick offer beautiful gardens that stretch to the shores of Bassenthwaite Lake, with tranquil woodland walks and various play areas for children

Mirehouse offers beautiful gardens that stretch from the house to the shores of Bassenthwaite Lake. The gardens include tranquil woodland walks, a heather maze, and various play areas for children. Mirehouse is known for its literary connections and serene atmosphere.

  • Enjoy stunning water views and tranquil walks as the gardens stretch to the shores of Bassenthwaite Lake.
  • Discover the rich literary connections and serene atmosphere of Mirehouse.
  • Various play areas for children make it a great family destination.

4. Acorn Bank Garden and Watermill

Gardens Near Alston - Acorn Bank Garden and Watermill with extensive herb gardens and tranquil woodland walks.

Acorn Bank Garden and Watermill, managed by the National Trust, features extensive herb gardens, traditional orchards, and tranquil woodland walks.

Acorn Bank is renowned for its extensive herb garden, traditional orchards, and tranquil woodland walks. The garden features a restored watermill and a lovely tea room to enjoy. Managed by the National Trust, it ensures preservation and beauty.

  • The extensive herb garden and traditional orchards offer a rich variety of plant life.
  • Tranquil woodland walks provide a peaceful escape into nature.
  • The restored watermill and charming tea room add a unique historical touch to your visit.

5. Netherby Hall Gardens

 Gardens Near Alston - Netherby Hall Gardens with formal borders and a Victorian greenhouse.

Netherby Hall Gardens feature beautifully restored walled gardens, a Victorian greenhouse, and scenic views, making it a great spot for leisurely strolls.

Netherby Hall Gardens feature beautifully restored walled gardens and an array of horticultural delights. The gardens include formal borders, a Victorian greenhouse, and scenic views of the surrounding countryside. It’s a great place for a leisurely stroll and to appreciate the beauty of cultivated landscapes.

    • The walled gardens and Victorian greenhouse showcase a variety of horticultural displays.
    • Scenic views of the surrounding countryside enhance the overall experience.
    • The formal borders and well-maintained paths make it ideal for leisurely walks.

Beautiful Gardens near Alston

Exploring the beautiful gardens near Alston provides a perfect escape into nature and history, offering diverse experiences from serene woodland walks to vibrant floral displays. Whether you choose to visit the charming Langley Garden Station, the historic Lowther Castle and Gardens, the literary Mirehouse & Gardens, the tranquil Acorn Bank, or the picturesque Netherby Hall Gardens, each destination promises a unique and enriching experience. Staying at Salvin House will enhance your visit, providing a comfortable and convenient base to return to after your garden adventures. Enjoy the natural beauty and historical charm these gardens have to offer, and make your stay in Alston truly memorable.

Salvin House Alston

Salvin House is the perfect place to stay while visiting these beautiful gardens near Alston. Its comfortable accommodation and convenient location make it an ideal holiday cottage for exploring the area’s natural and historical attractions. Whether you’re a garden enthusiast or simply looking for a peaceful retreat, Salvin House provides a welcoming and restful environment.





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