The 5 Best Places to Eat Near Alston

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We’ve already looked at the best places to eat in Alston, so now we’re taking you further afield. If you’re staying at Salvin House Alston and you fancy a bit of variety, we have four gastropubs to tantalize your tastebuds, all within a 30-minute drive. Exploring the best places to eat near Alston, these nearby pubs offer a range of delicious options and unique dining experiences. Whether you’re in the mood for traditional British fare or modern culinary delights, let’s explore these culinary gems just a short drive from Alston.

The Best Places to Eat near Alston

Kirkstyle Inn and Sportsman’s Rest

The charming exterior of the Kirkstyle Inn and Sportsman's Rest with outdoor seating and vibrant flowers, one of the best places to eat near Alston.

The Kirkstyle Inn and Sportsman’s Rest offers a cozy atmosphere and delicious game-led menu in Slaggyford.

Located in the quaint village of Slaggyford, the Kirkstyle Inn and Sportsman’s Rest is a charming gastropub set in stunning countryside. With a rich history dating back to the mid-1800s, this establishment combines rustic charm with modern culinary excellence. It is undoubtedly one of the best places to eat near Alston. The menu focuses on local produce sourced within a 50-mile radius, offering dishes that highlight the best of the region’s ingredients. Guests can enjoy game, meat from local farmers, and freshly made bread. The inn is also renowned for its warm hospitality and comfortable accommodations.

  • Awarded 2 Rosettes for Culinary Excellence​ ​
  • Specialises in game and seasonal dishes​ ​
  • “A gorgeously refurbished, 40-seater restaurant” – The Guardian

Elks Head, Whitfield

The picturesque Elks Head pub in Whitfield, featuring its inviting outdoor terrace by the River West Allen, one of the best places to eat near Alston.

Enjoy hearty British cuisine in a scenic riverside setting at the Elks Head in Whitfield.

The Elks Head in Whitfield is another delightful option for dining near Alston. Nestled by the River West Allen, and owned by the Whitfield Estate, this country pub offers a relaxed atmosphere with hearty British cuisine. Known for its friendly service and picturesque setting, it’s an ideal spot for both casual dining and special occasions. The menu features a variety of traditional pub fare, from steaks and pies to fresh local fish, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

  • Located by the scenic River West Allen
  • Offers a variety of traditional British dishes
  • Known for its warm and friendly service

Shepherds Inn, Melmerby

The welcoming entrance of the Shepherds Inn in Melmerby, adorned with hanging baskets and traditional signage, one of the best places to eat near Alston.

Experience homemade Cumbrian dishes and warm hospitality at the Shepherds Inn in the heart of Melmerby.

The Shepherds Inn in Melmerby stands out for its cozy ambiance and excellent food. Located in the heart of the village, this pub offers a range of homemade dishes that reflect the best of Cumbrian cuisine. Whether you’re stopping by for a hearty breakfast, a leisurely lunch, or a delicious dinner, the Shepherds Inn provides a warm welcome and a memorable dining experience. The use of locally sourced ingredients ensures fresh and flavorful meals, with a menu that changes seasonally.

  • Located in the picturesque village of Melmerby
  • Offers a range of homemade Cumbrian dishes
  • Menu changes seasonally to incorporate local produce

Golden Lion, Allendale

The historic Golden Lion pub in Allendale, known for its vibrant atmosphere and charming architecture, one of the best places to eat near Alston.

The Golden Lion in Allendale offers a lively dining experience with both traditional and contemporary dishes.

The Golden Lion in Allendale, also known as the Lion House, is definitely one of the best places to ear near Alston. Ths historic pub offering a mix of traditional and contemporary dishes. Situated in the center of Allendale, this pub is known for its vibrant atmosphere and diverse menu. Guests can enjoy everything from classic British pub food to more innovative culinary creations. The Golden Lion also hosts regular events and live music, making it a lively spot for both locals and visitors.

  • Located in the historic center of Allendale
  • Hosts regular events and live music
  • Offers both traditional and contemporary dishes

Carts Bog Inn

The scenic view from the Carts Bog Inn, highlighting the beautiful Allen Valley and cozy pub setting, one of the best places to eat near Alston.

Relish locally sourced and seasonal dishes while enjoying stunning views at the Carts Bog Inn in the Allen Valley.

Located in the scenic Allen Valley, the Carts Bog Inn is renowned for its stunning views and exceptional food. This pub offers a welcoming environment with a menu that features locally sourced produce and seasonal dishes. From hearty stews and roasts to lighter options, there’s a wide range of choices to satisfy any palate. The Carts Bog Inn also boasts a fine selection of ales and wines, making it a perfect spot for a relaxing meal or a special celebration, and one of the very best places to eat near Alston.

  • Known for its picturesque views of the Allen Valley
  • Features a menu with locally sourced and seasonal ingredients
  • Offers a fine selection of ales and wines

Exploring these dining options outside Alston offers a delightful culinary journey through the region. Each establishment brings its unique charm and flavors, ensuring a memorable experience for every visitor.

Salvin House Alston

Salvin House Alston is the ideal place to stay if you want to explore the best places to eat near Alston. Nestled in the heart of Alston, this charming accommodation offers easy access to a variety of top-notch dining options just a short drive away.

Whether you’re in the mood for the rustic charm of the Kirkstyle Inn, the scenic riverside setting of Elks Head, the cozy ambiance of the Shepherds Inn, the vibrant atmosphere of the Golden Lion, or the stunning views at Carts Bog Inn, Salvin House provides the perfect base for your culinary adventures when you’re looking for the best places to eat near Alston. Enjoy the comfort and convenience of staying in a location that allows you to experience the finest food and drink the region has to offer.




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