Don’t Spare the Rod: Fishing on Alston Moor

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Alston Moor may not be the first place you think of when you’re looking for a fishing destination, so it may surprise you that the South Tyne is noted as one of the finest angling rivers in England, with salmon and trout among the regular catches.
Not only is the river rich in fish, and getting better every year, it also enjoy the stunning backdrop of the South Tyne Valley, part of the North Pennines AONB. Sea trout will average around 4lb in summer, although double figures are common with a 13-14ft rod.

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The River South Tyne is an unsung paradise for anglers and fishing fans.

The best news is that almost 10 miles of fishing beats on the River South are managed by Alston Angling Association, which makes up to eight rods daily available for daily access via the Fishpal website.

Salmon and sea trout can be fished from June onwards and these early fish often are in prime condition. Good numbers of fish are maintained for the remainder of the angling season on the Upper South Tyne, which finishes 31st October.

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The fishing season on the South Tyne at Alston Moor runs from June to October.

The Alston beats begin near at the bridge near Eals Village and extend upriver to Alston, although not all are managed by the association, so visitors should study the map to clarify exactly where they can fish. Day tickets can also be purchased from the Angel Inn, just around the corner from Salvin House Alston.

So, if you’re planning you’re next fishing trip, look no further. Stay with us at Salvin House Alston and you’re only metres from one of Britain’s best fishing rivers.

A day on the South Tyne is currently priced at £35 per rod (July 2022) and tickets can be purchased here.

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James Stokoe of James Stokoe Fishing can help make your South Tyne angling experience truly memorable.

If you feel you need some help, either as a beginner or to get a feel for the river, we can thoroughly recommend James Stokoe Fishing. As seen on TV, James is a great guy with masses of enthusiasm for the sport, and he knows the Tyne like the back of his hand.



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