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World-class Hiking and Walking in Alston Moor

If you’re looking for the perfect country walking area or the ideal location for a hiking break in the countryside, walking in Alston Moor could be your dream destination. Situated at the junction of roads leading to Cumbria, Northumberland, Weardale, and Teesdale, this perfectly preserved Georgian market town has something to offer for walkers of all ages and abilities. With its charming streets, historic buildings, and breathtaking natural surroundings, Alston Moor is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts.

For an excellent stay while walking in Alston, consider booking Salvin House. Sleeping up to eight people, Salvin House Alston offers the perfect base for your walking holiday. With comfy beds, bracing showers, and a wood stove to help you relax after a hard day on the trail, it’s a cozy retreat. Plus, there’s a proper country pub right opposite the front door, and the Pennine Way passes right by the house, making it incredibly convenient for those keen on exploring this famous trail.

Here’s a detailed guide to some of our favourite walks for those interested in walking in Alston:

Nent Burn – Alston to Nenthead Circular

A scenic view of the Nent Burn trail in Alston Moor, featuring a peaceful rural valley with rolling hills and historical mining sites.

Enjoy the tranquil beauty and historical charm of the Nent Burn trail, a perfect blend of nature and history in Alston Moor.

Take this circular walk on a small part of the legendary Isaac’s Tea Trail. This trail allows you to enjoy the stunning upland scenery of this quiet rural valley, which was once an industrial powerhouse with lead mines employing almost 6,000 people. The trail meanders through picturesque landscapes, offering glimpses of historical sites and natural beauty. You can do the full walk or cross the river at various points to find the distance that suits you best. Whether you’re an experienced hiker or a casual walker, this route provides a perfect mix of history and scenic views.

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High Cup Nick from Cow Green Reservoir

The dramatic U-shaped valley of High Cup Nick, as seen from the Cow Green Reservoir, with rugged cliffs and sweeping vistas.

Experience the breathtaking landscapes of High Cup Nick from Cow Green Reservoir, a challenging but rewarding full-day trek in the North Pennines AONB.

Starting from the small car park above Cow Green Reservoir, this walk is a full-day trek covering almost 13 miles. The route offers some of the wildest and most remote countryside in the British Isles. Including a section of the Pennine Way, this is the perfect route to experience the best that the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) has to offer. The dramatic landscape of High Cup Nick is a must-see, with its stunning U-shaped valley carved by glacial activity. The challenging hike is rewarded with unparalleled views and a true sense of accomplishment.

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South Tyne Valley Walks (South Tyne Trail)

A picturesque section of the South Tyne Valley walk, with the South Tynedale Railway winding through lush greenery and scenic countryside.

Explore the diverse routes of the South Tyne Valley Walks, offering stunning riverside views and the captivating Ashgill Force waterfall.

The Pennine Way and the South Tyne Trail follow the river from Garrigill to Lambley, where they diverge. The official start of the South Tyne Trail is four miles south of Garrigill at Tyne Head. The ambitious walker can continue on to the Tees and follow this to its source way up on the slopes of Cross Fell. Another walking in Alston highlight south of Garrigill is Ashgill Force, a spectacular waterfall that is a perfect spot for a rest and some great photo opportunities. The South Tyne Valley Walks offer a variety of routes that cater to different fitness levels and preferences, making it a versatile choice for all walkers.

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Alston Moor Loop

A panoramic view of Alston Moor, featuring the charming villages of Garrigill and Nenthead, surrounded by rolling hills and scenic trails. A perfect route for walking in Alston.

Discover the Alston Moor Loop, a comprehensive walk that takes you through charming villages and picturesque landscapes in the heart of Alston Moor.

A full-day walk that can also be done in stages or divided up, taking in the Alston Moor villages of Garrigill and Nenthead, as well as the town of Alston itself. This loop includes sections of the Pennine Way and the South Tyne Trail, as well as the Nent Burn. This walk is a comprehensive exploration of the area, allowing you to immerse yourself in the local culture and natural beauty. The Alston Moor Loop is ideal for those who want to experience the varied landscapes and charming villages of the region in one extensive hike.

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Hiking and Walking in Alston: Explore the North Pennines National Landscape

Enjoy walking in Alston and discover the beauty and tranquility of this hidden gem in the heart of the English countryside. For more information on walks and trails, visit the North Pennines National Landscape website. Whether you are seeking a challenging hike or a leisurely stroll, walking in Alston offers an unforgettable experience surrounded by the stunning landscapes and rich history of this unique region, formerly known as the North Pennines AONB.

By choosing Alston Moor for your next walking adventure, you’ll be embracing a destination that combines natural beauty, historical intrigue, and warm hospitality. So pack your walking boots, book your stay at Salvin House, and embark on an unforgettable journey through one of England’s most picturesque and welcoming areas.

When planning your rip for walking in Alston,, don’t forget to check out Salvin House Alston for a comfortable and convenient place to stay.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best walking trails in Alston Moor?

  • Walking in Alston offers a variety of scenic trails, including the Nent Burn circular route, High Cup Nick from Cow Green Reservoir, the South Tyne Valley Walks, and the comprehensive Alston Moor Loop. Each trail provides unique landscapes and historical sites to explore.

Where can I stay when visiting Alston for walking?

  • For a comfortable stay while walking in Alston, consider booking Salvin House. It sleeps up to eight people and offers amenities like comfy beds, bracing showers, a wood stove, and a country pub opposite the front door. It’s ideally located with the Pennine Way passing right by the house.

What is the difficulty level of the walks in Alston Moor?

  • The walks in Alston Moor cater to various levels of difficulty. Whether you’re an experienced hiker or a casual walker, you’ll find suitable trails. The Nent Burn trail and South Tyne Valley Walks offer leisurely options, while High Cup Nick from Cow Green Reservoir provides a more challenging trek.

What historical sites can I see while walking in Alston?

  • While walking in Alston, you can explore several historical sites, including old lead mining areas on the Nent Burn trail and historical villages like Garrigill and Nenthead on the Alston Moor Loop. These sites offer a glimpse into the region’s rich industrial past.

What is the best time of year to visit Alston for walking?

  • The best time for walking in Alston is during the late spring to early autumn months (May to October). During this period, the weather is generally mild, and the natural scenery is at its most vibrant. However, each season offers a unique experience, so even winter walks can be rewarding.


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