Top 10 Best Breakfasts in Alston

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When it comes to finding the best breakfast in Alston and the surrounding area, you’re spoiled for choice. From quaint cafes to hearty bakeries, Alston offers a delightful range of options to start your day right. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, these top breakfast spots in Alston will surely satisfy your morning cravings. For an ideal place to stay while exploring these breakfast delights, consider Salvin House for its comfort and convenience.

A full English breakfast with sausages, bacon, eggs, baked beans, grilled tomatoes, and toast served on a white plate, representing the best breakfasts in Alston.

A hearty full English breakfast, perfect for starting your day with one of the best breakfasts in Alston.

1. Saddlers Alston

Saddlers Alston is a favourite among locals and visitors alike, offering a range of breakfast options that cater to different tastes and dietary needs. The cosy atmosphere and friendly service, together with the amazing home-made bread, make it an excellent choice for a relaxing morning meal.

  • Hearty English Breakfast: Enjoy a full English breakfast with sausages, bacon, eggs, and all the traditional trimmings.
  • Vegetarian Options: A fantastic vegetarian breakfast with veggie sausages, mushrooms, tomatoes, and more.
  • Locally Sourced Ingredients: Fresh, locally sourced ingredients ensure a tasty and sustainable breakfast.

Address: Market Place, Alston CA9 3HS, UK

2. The Crossing Café

The Crossing Café is known for its delightful breakfast sandwiches and homemade pastries. With scenic views and a welcoming atmosphere, it’s the perfect spot for a quick yet satisfying breakfast in Alston.

  • Breakfast Sandwiches: Delicious breakfast sandwiches for a quick and satisfying meal.
  • Homemade Pastries: A selection of homemade pastries for a sweet start to the day.
  • Scenic Views: Enjoy breakfast with beautiful views of the surrounding area.

Address: Station House, Alston CA9 3JB, UK

3. Cobbles Cafe

Cobbles Cafe offers a classic breakfast menu with something for everyone. Its friendly atmosphere and daily specials make it a must-visit spot for a leisurely breakfast in Alston.

  • Classic Breakfast Menu: Traditional choices you’d expect in a country cafe.
  • Friendly Atmosphere: A warm and welcoming spot for breakfast.
  • Daily Specials: Breakfast, light lunches, and handmade cakes and bakes.

Address: Market Place, Alston CA9 3HS, UK

4. Alston House

Alston House combines a comfortable setting with a diverse breakfast menu. It’s an ideal place to start your day, whether you’re looking for a hearty meal or something lighter.

  • Diverse Menu: Offers a range of breakfast options from hearty to light.
  • Comfortable Setting: Enjoy breakfast in a cosy and relaxed environment.
  • Great Service: Known for its friendly and attentive staff.

Address: Townfoot, Alston CA9 3RN, UK

5. The Nook Cafe

The Nook Cafe is a charming spot known for its homemade breakfasts and friendly service. The cosy ambiance makes it a favourite among those looking for a relaxed morning meal.

  • Homemade Breakfasts: Enjoy a variety of homemade breakfast dishes.
  • Cosy Ambiance: A warm and inviting atmosphere perfect for a relaxed breakfast.
  • Friendly Service: Staff that goes above and beyond to make your meal enjoyable.

Address: Front St, Alston CA9 3QH, UK

6. Whitfield Village Pantry

Whitfield Village Pantry offers a unique breakfast experience with its fresh, homemade food and picturesque location. It’s an excellent spot for a leisurely breakfast in Alston.

  • Fresh, Homemade Food: Delicious, freshly made breakfast options.
  • Picturesque Location: Enjoy breakfast in a beautiful setting.
  • Relaxed Atmosphere: A laid-back spot to enjoy your morning meal.

Address: Whitfield, Hexham NE47 8HD, UK

7. Melmerby Bakery

Melmerby Bakery is renowned for its freshly baked goods and hearty breakfast options. It’s a perfect place to enjoy a delicious and satisfying breakfast in Alston.

  • Freshly Baked Goods: A variety of freshly baked pastries and bread.
  • Hearty Breakfasts: Filling and delicious breakfast options.
  • Charming Bakery: A delightful spot with a charming bakery atmosphere.

Address: Melmerby, Penrith CA10 1HE, UK

8. Killhope Cafe

Killhope Cafe offers a rustic and cosy setting for breakfast, with a menu that features locally sourced ingredients. It’s a wonderful place to start your day in Alston.

  • Rustic Setting: A cosy and rustic cafe environment.
  • Locally Sourced Ingredients: Fresh and locally sourced menu items.
  • Delicious Breakfasts: Tasty and satisfying breakfast options.

Address: Upper Weardale, County Durham DL13 1AR, UK

9. Hartside Cafe

Currently operating as a catering van following a fire, Hartside Cafe is known for its resilient spirit and great breakfast offerings, as well as the world famous view. Plans to rebuild the cafe are underway.

  • Catering Van: Serving breakfast favorites from a mobile setup.
  • Resilient Spirit: Known for its determination and community support.
  • Plans to Rebuild: Exciting plans to rebuild and return better than ever.

Address: Hartside Pass, Alston CA9 3BW, UK

10. Lovelady Shield

Lovelady Shield offers an exquisite breakfast experience in a beautiful country house setting. It’s an ideal spot for those looking to enjoy a luxurious breakfast in Alston.

  • Exquisite Breakfast: A luxurious breakfast menu in a refined setting.
  • Beautiful Location: Set in a stunning country house with picturesque surroundings.
  • Exceptional Service: Known for its attentive and exceptional service.

Address: Lovelady Lane, Alston CA9 3LX, UK

The Best Breakfasts in Alston

A vegetarian English breakfast with veggie sausages, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, baked beans, and toast on a rustic wooden table, showcasing the best breakfasts in Alston.

A delicious vegetarian English breakfast, ideal for a healthy start to your morning with one of the best breakfasts in Alston.

Exploring the best breakfast in Alston offers a delightful culinary journey through the town’s charming cafes and bakeries. Each spot provides a unique and memorable start to your day, whether you prefer a hearty traditional breakfast or something more unique and homey. From the hearty offerings at Saddlers Alston to the cozy ambiance of Nook Cafe, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Alston’s breakfast spots are known for their warm hospitality, locally sourced ingredients, and diverse menus, ensuring a satisfying meal to start your day.

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