Where to Stay in the North Pennines National Landscape

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Plan Your Trip to the North Pennines National Landscape

When planning a trip to the North Pennines, finding the perfect place to stay is essential for a memorable experience. Known for its breathtaking scenery, rich history, and diverse wildlife, the North Pennines National Landscape offers visitors an array of activities and sights. If you’re wondering where to stay in the North Pennines, look no further than Salvin House Alston. Nestled in the heart of this stunning region, Salvin House offers the ideal blend of comfort, convenience, and charm.

Why Choose the North Pennines National Landscape?

Panoramic view of Alston Moor in the North Pennines National Landscape, showcasing where to stay in the North Pennines with rolling hills and vibrant greenery under a blue sky.

Discover the stunning landscape of Alston Moor in the North Pennines National Landscape, perfect for outdoor adventures and peaceful retreats.

The North Pennines National Landscape is a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), celebrated for its dramatic moorlands, deep valleys, and scenic rivers. Whether you’re an avid hiker, a wildlife enthusiast, or someone seeking a peaceful retreat, the North Pennines has something for everyone. The area is also rich in cultural heritage, with charming villages, historic landmarks, and traditional events that offer a glimpse into the region’s past. When you’re looking at where to stay in the North Pennines, Alston is the obbious choice.

Salvin House Alston: The Best Place to Stay

Lush garden at Salvin House Alston in the North Pennines National Landscape, illustrating where to stay in the North Pennines with vibrant flowers, well-manicured lawns, and comfortable seating areas.

Relax in the beautiful garden at Salvin House Alston, the best place to stay in the North Pennines National Landscape, where comfort and nature blend seamlessly.

Salvin House Alston stands out as the premier holiday cottage and accommodation choice for visitors to the North Pennines. Located in Alston Moor, this charming house provides a welcoming atmosphere and top-notch amenities that cater to all types of travelers. Here’s why Salvin House Alston is the best choice when you’re looking at where to stay in the North Pennines:

1. Prime Location

Situated in the heart of Alston Moor, Salvin House offers easy access to some of the North Pennines’ most popular attractions. From here, you can explore the scenic South Tyne Valley, visit historic Alston, or embark on picturesque walking and cycling routes that showcase the area’s natural beauty.

2. Comfort and Convenience

Salvin House Alston combines the charm of a traditional countryside home with modern amenities. Guests can enjoy comfortable rooms, a well-equipped kitchen, and cosy living areas perfect for relaxing after a day of exploration. Free Wi-Fi and ample parking ensure a hassle-free stay.

3. Rich History

The house itself is steeped in history, adding an extra layer of charm to your visit. Staying at Salvin House Alston gives you a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the local heritage while enjoying all the comforts of a modern home.

4. Stunning Views

One of the highlights of staying at Salvin House is the breathtaking views it offers. Overlooking the beautiful Alston Moor and surrounding landscapes, you can wake up to stunning sunrises and unwind with serene sunsets, making your stay truly unforgettable. It’s the perfect answer to the question of where to stay in the North Pennines National Landscape.

Exploring Alston Moor and Beyond

If you’re deciding where to stay in the North Pennines, Alston Moor is a picturesque area known for its rolling hills, quaint villages, and historical sites. Staying at Salvin House Alston places you in the perfect spot to explore this enchanting part of the region. Here are some must-visit places and activities:

A historic narrow-gauge steam train on the South Tynedale Railway in the North Pennines National Landscape, highlighting where to stay in the North Pennines and explore the picturesque countryside.

Enjoy a scenic ride on the South Tynedale Railway, offering unique views of the North Pennines National Landscape’s stunning landscapes.

1. South Tynedale Railway

Take a nostalgic journey on England’s highest narrow-gauge railway. The South Tynedale Railway offers scenic rides through the stunning North Pennines countryside, providing a unique perspective of the landscape.

2. Nenthead Mines

Delve into the industrial heritage of the North Pennines with a visit to Nenthead Mines. This historic site offers guided tours that take you through old lead and zinc mines, providing fascinating insights into the area’s mining history.

3. Walking and Cycling Trails

The North Pennines boasts a network of walking and cycling trails suitable for all levels. Whether you’re up for a challenging hike or a leisurely stroll, the trails around Alston Moor offer some of the best views and experiences in the region.

4. Local Cuisine

Don’t miss the chance to sample local delicacies. From traditional pub fare to locally-sourced gourmet dishes, the dining options in Alston Moor and nearby villages are sure to delight your taste buds.

Where to Stay in the North Pennines National Landscape

When considering where to stay in the North Pennines, Salvin House Alston should be at the top of your list. Its prime location, historical charm, and excellent amenities make it the perfect base for exploring the North Pennines National Landscape. Whether you’re here for adventure, relaxation, or to soak up the local culture, Salvin House Alston promises a memorable and comfortable stay. Plan your visit today and discover why the North Pennines is one of the UK’s most cherished natural landscapes.




Rob Lawson is a property investor and communications consultant who grew up in the South Tyne Valley. With a deep passion for historical preservation, he fell in love with Salvin House and committed to restoring it to its former glory. With a vision that blends respect for its heritage and modern comforts, Rob has revived this historic gem for future generations to appreciate.


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